This morning, Kiwidex listed our BLAZE token without the consent of the Blaze Economy team. This unauthorized listing is something that Kiwidex has done to countless Dapps, and for some, has led to their inevitable decline. Thankfully, we thought of this before even releasing Blaze Economy. We aren’t concerned, and neither should you be. Here’s why:

1) We have never been about playing just for the dividends. Players will earn the most TRX by actively playing Blaze and capitalizing on profitable trading opportunities. The dividends have always been a bonus to our loyal players.

2) If you are here just for the dividends, it’s still not a problem. Remember, we aren’t a casino, so there is no “house money pool.” We pay BLAZE dividends based on total volume, not player losses. That means there is never a chance for negative dividends. You will always earn something.

3) Our upcoming Blaze Kings PvP game will significantly help boost the dividend pool for all players. Kings contributes 8x more to the dividend pool than the Blaze Machine game. Even our users who are only passively collecting dividends from their BLAZE will see a large bump when this comes out (within the week).

4) The BLAZE token price is irrelevant to the mechanics of our game, and have no impact on daily player profit. Should you decide to sell BLAZE, that’s your choice. We never want to limit the use of tokens you’ve earned. We have always had plans to integrate a BLAZE exchange into our platform. Today’s listing had just prioritized that feature for us. We foresee this being operational and fully integrated before the end of May. Stay tuned for many updates there. It’s going to be awesome.

5) Last but not least, BLAZE mining difficulty is not based on rounds. The mining difficulty is directly tied to the current exchange rate and fluctuates throughout the day. Therefore there is NO “early bird” benefit to mine BLAZE at a cheaper price, and therefore no reason why new players cannot accumulate BLAZE at the same rate as early players.

Long story short is, Blaze is different from most Dapps. We aren’t a FOMO mining casino where only the earliest players make a profit. The next new player has the same chance to sell Blaze points at a highly profitable rate than our earliest users. We are deeply committed to rolling out fun, profitable games, and have zero intention of stopping. If anything, this listing has just motivated us even more.



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