The intended purpose of Bitcoin SV still matters regardless of delisting. The intended purpose, as you stated, is to “facilitate more transactions than other blockchains using its native currency.” This is true even without a centralized exchange to provide liquidity because you and I could still make P2P transactions with Bitcoin SV.

Now, if you’re referring to a crisis arising from the security of Bitcoin SV’s blockchain, such as 51% attacks, then your point has more validity because why would anyone use a chain that suffers 51% attacks. However, this is not a compromise of blockchain, the underlying technology, it is working as intended, just not in the manner that we seek.

Additionally, Bitcoin SV is still be traded on exchanges, with BitForex being the biggest one.

You can see where Bitcoin SV is still listed here:

The crunch from delisting from other major exchanges is hurtful to Bitcoin SV, but even if it was delisted from all exchanges, its purpose would sitll matter.

Follow-up question: Would you say Bitcoin’s core competency did not matter when it first started, since no cryptocurrency exchanges existed at the time? Was the fact Bitcoin was the first blockchain use-case in payments systems not enough?


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