Welcome to our token distribution guide. Here you will find all of the key information about our token distribution, as well as a step by step walkthrough to contribute ETH and claim your MYB.

Key Details

Token distribution starts Jan 1. 2019 12:00 UTC.

The token distribution lasts 365 days.

Each period lasts 24 hours.

During each period 100,000 MYB are distributed.

A total of 36.5 million MYB will be distributed.

Contract Address: 0xcca36039cfdd0753d3aa9f1b4bf35b606c8ed971

Audit (By Solidified): here

How is the amount of MYB you receive determined?

There is no set price, the amount you will receive is based entirely on demand. In short, you will receive a proportion of the 100,000 MYB depending on how much ETH was contributed during that 24 hour period.

This is calculated using the following formula:

Steps to Participate

To take part in the token distribution you will need MetaMask 
(as well as the ETH you wish to contribute).

  1. Unlock MetaMask, If you do not have MetaMask, you can download here.

2. Deposit Ether in MetaMask. If you need help buying Ether, this guide can help.

3. Visit the MyBit Token Distribution Dashboard and follow the steps below.

Contributing to the current period

To contribute to the current period click the “Connect MetaMask” button. Once connected, click the green “Get MYB” button and select your contribution amount in ETH.

Wait for the transaction to confirm and you’re done.

Contributing to a future period

To contribute to a future period click the blue “Calculate” button and select a future period from the dropdown.

Claiming MYB

After each period has ended you are able to withdraw MYB to your metamask account. Click the blue “Claim” button and sign via MetaMask.

That’s it! You can contribute now here!

If you have any questions please ask on our community reddit.


The MyBit Team


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