AGROCOIN is an international project aimed at the creation of a P2P platform where people and companies can directly credit each other without intermediaries.


  1. Agrocoin has been issued by AgroExchange Estonia and is based on the popular and proven Blockchain technology. It’s an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum.
  2. Agrocoins are available immediately and you can instantly withdraw to your dedicated address using the META MASK or AgroDex application.
  3. Agrocoin allows you to participate in thee of company profit and to buy services and memberships on our platforms.
  4. Guaranteed Agrocoin trading will be available on our cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly after the of ICO sale.

Agrocoin makes it possible to buy tokens on stock exchanges that sell crypto-currency at the current exchange rate on the site. Of course, such availability makes it attractive for potential investors, because currently, the market for the sale of tokens has undergone dramatic changes. If any existing token could be found on free sale and to purchase it, it was enough to have a minimum level of awareness about the world of crypto-currency. Now availability is possible only at the time of pre-sale. Even then, pre-sale is a short-term process and any potential investor needs to make a bold and thoughtful decision very quickly.

Bitagro Exchange

Bitagro Exchange is a global, Decentralized B2B platform for trade in agricultural products and food products, as well as attracting investments without restrictions on production geolocation. Registered suppliers and customers will be able to enter into smart contracts, create exchange transactions, share related information and track the history of food prices in different parts of the world. Each product will be classified in the registry and valued at Agrocoin.


In order to conclude any transaction, you must contact the notary or a lawyer, pay for the documents and wait for their execution. Often, many points of these documents contain references to legislative articles that can be interpreted for themselves, bypassed. In the event of failure to comply with the terms of the transaction, in real life, people have to go to court, again spend money on the process and prove their case. At the conclusion of such transactions in general, it cannot be talked about the confidence of parties to the contract. People have always realized the need for optimization and were looking for a revolutionary solution to the existing problems of a workflow. At this difficult moment, a smart contract appeared that negates all existing problems.

The simplest example of using smart contracts is multi-signing. With the help of such a signature, the parties to the agreement can freeze a certain amount of coins on the blockchain so that, if necessary, more than half of the participants will need to sign it. Such a condition of the contract ensures the safety of funds invested in the project. In case of failure, the funds will be returned to the investor automatically. If the collection of the claimed amount was successful, then the participants of the multi-signature will activate their keys, confirming the good faith of the project in which they invest.

Thus, it is possible to highlight the main key benefits of smart contracts:

  1. Saving money and time, since you no longer need to resort to the services of intermediaries to enter into contracts or transactions;
  2. Security is ensured, since the prescribed terms of the contract are stored in a distributed registry, and no one can change them;
  3. The absence of intermediaries allows the parties to the contract to work on more favorable terms and save their money on lawyers, notaries, auditing and intermediaries;
  4. Smart contracts provide faster resolution of issues. As soon as the terms of the contract are fulfilled, the parties immediately exchange assets.
  5. Using smart contracts, Agrodex users can fully enjoy all the benefits offered by smart contract technology. Modern market participants in a short time will be able to appreciate the advantages of technology over traditional methods of sale.

The AgroExchange Platform aims to contribute to the global Blockchain user Adoption across regular people by intuitive and seamless integration of vastly used E-Commerce channel using the Decentralised Payment platform.https://bitagro.io/#special-about

IEO Token Economics


BitAgro project is on TOP ICO’s of the week by InWara Inc.

You can Sign up and Register here: https://bitagro.io/dashboard and buy tokens as a Private investor directly from our Dashboard as well.

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