GXChain officially announces the Intercollegiate Cryptocurrency Trading Competition with full sponsorship.

Mission of the Competition:

Provide interested students in the USA with a chance to learn blockchain technology and get real world experience in trading cryptocurrencies

Duration of the Competition:

April 28, 2019 — July 28, 2019


  1. Fully sponsored trading funds:
    The amount of trading funds provided by GXChain will be determined by the number of participants on a team and their background qualifications. The maximum amount of trading fund for each university team is 50,000 USD.
  2. Internship certificate.
  3. Letters of recommendation (if the team is competitive).
  4. If a positive return is achieved by the end of the trading, 50% of the profit will be given to the trading team members. Conversely, if the final return is negative, GXChain will cover the loss, with no financial responsibility for the trading team members.

Rules of the Competition:

Only ONE trading team can be formed at each participating university, with 3–4 members in each team. The team is expected to execute secondary market quantitative trades during the specified time period, with no limitations on trading strategies. The competition results will be determined by the final rate of return. Before the trading deadline, GXChain will announce the team standings for each university and their final rate of return. The top 3 university teams with positive final returns will receive double trading funds in the next round of the competition.

Participation Requirements:

  1. Current students from top universities in the USA (undergraduates, masters, PhDs)
  2. Majors and backgrounds are not limited. However, Students with finance or business backgrounds who have quantitative trading or blockchain industry experiences are preferred

Participation Process:

  1. Send team member resumes to willwan@gxb.io.
  2. The GXChain team will review resumes and send online interview invitations.
  3. Students who are selected should form a WeChat Group, get familiar with each other, and discuss trading strategies.
  4. Learn about cryptocurrency capital markets and trading philosophies under the guidance of the GXChain team (market research, data analysis, etc.)
  5. Trade BTC, ETH, GXC freely in cryptocurrency secondary markets during the competition period.
  6. The final rate of return will be announced at the end of the competition. Teams from each university will compete with one another to receive double trading funds in the next round.


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