The past 2 weeks have been extremely busy for us, wrapping up our native integration with Wyre as our fiat ⇄ crypto bridge, merging in fixes to our block explorer that better handles ephemeral forking, continuing the upgrade to Loopring v2.0 and more. We’ve made great progress and are excited to offer the smooth trading experience that the 2.0 enables.


Overall Backend

  • Wrapped up lingering functional tests for the block explorer to handle ephemeral forks properly and deployed those fixes. This contains an event-driven system that notifies all essential parts of any server (IE the Exchange/Slate API) listening to the blockchain when an ephemeral fork occurs.

Exchange API

  • Continued working on the v2 integration. Added deserialization of ring fills from the smart contract, signature checking, and updated the models with the newest fields.
  • Started building a “reserve manager” which propagates changes of a user’s funds & allowances to the order matching engine. Upon finding an insufficient balance or allowance, an order’s status could be changed to STALE and temporarily removed from the order book.
  • Started implementing a component that tracks customer lifetime. This is done via bulk processing every 5 minutes. So far, added the necessary database migrations, queries and created the corresponding models.
  • Cleaned up code related to our implementation with Wyre.
  • Disabled emails being sent from Wyre to users. This will allow for emails, now being sent through Dolomite, to be more relevant to the account holder.
  • Added functionality for uploading proof of address, which is used when upgrading an account’s KYC tier.
  • Implemented transferring funds through Wyre in and out of crypto.
  • Updated routes that used EIP712 signatures to instead use JWTs for authentication.
  • Improved functionality for retrieving an account’s missing, approved, or pending fields.
  • Improved Wyre testing architecture to not recompute values that need-not be tested.This was a major performance drain when testing a lot of slight variations of a request which was built upon from multiple requests.
  • Added subscription callback to payment methods so that a payment method can be tracked when changed.

Slate API

  • Nothing specifically — we’re focusing entirely on the exchange 🙂


Landing Page, Support Site, and Docs

  • Started creating a new support site that will contain the videos, FAQ, and more. Most pages have already been migrated.
  • Integrated with a markdown transpiler (to HTML) to make the new support pages really quick and easy to create.

Slate Management Portal

  • Separated the CreateAccount form to two pages. This better deals with creating an account via email & password vs. signing in with Google for the first time and not having an account yet.
  • Started implementing account linking. This fixes situations in which an account was created via email/password but a user signs in with the same email via Google Sign In.

Dolomite Web Application

  • Created a beta splash screen to inform users about things under development.
  • Finished the design of a new trades component on the portfolio terminal.
  • Started development of “quick info” token details popup for the exchange terminal. This component will essentially be the middle panel of token details on the portfolio terminal.
  • Minor fixes to existing KYC flow, added stickies for rejected account and under review, and added account repair dialog to resubmit account/KYC information that is invalid. With these minor fixes, the KYC flow is finished!
  • Added more stickies to help with invalid emails.
  • Moved Fiat Gateway to its own button on the nav bar.
  • Redesigned bottom left toolbar to contain text, so it is more descriptive.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Posted an article that describes the differences between Dolomite and other exchanges. Check it out here!
  • Continued working on all of the Dolomite introduction & tutorial videos.

Concluding Thoughts

Stay tuned as we wrap up more of thee v2.0 upgrade as well as begin to drive trade volume into the platform. We’re going to be accommodating this push with quality content, tutorials, videos, and more, which will properly inform (new) users of the value that Dolomite offers!

As always, be sure to follow us on your other favorite social media sites to stay up to date with all things Dolomite!


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