John McAfee’s relentless optimism about a $1 million Bitcoin value remained unfazed through the harsh crypto winter of 2018. In fact, in September 2018, he went on to reaffirm his million-dollar Bitcoin worth prediction by 2020’s end. McAfee reiterated that “I think it is impossible to be anything less than that. The bet is still on.”

Most crypto
skeptics may dismiss this outrageous price as buffoonery because it is
impractical. However, in 1903 for instance, policymakers at Mercedes, an
automobile firm at the forefront of vehicle production in that era predicted that the world would never have more than 1 million
automobiles. At the time it was impossible to train enough chauffeurs for 1
million vehicles. As of 2010 however, there were over 1 billion vehicles globally.

$1 Million That Outrageous?

During the
latest crypto winter, the crypto market slide over 85 percent, wrecking
portfolios.  This is part of the reason
why such a high rise in value seems comical. Bitcoin has been floundering, and
it is, fortunately, getting to its long-awaited bull run. However, is it the 1-million-dollar
Bitcoin value a complete pipe dream?

Maybe not.
If there can only be 21 million Bitcoin (BTC), the demand for the token is
bound to increase with time.  It is
widely believed that 36 percent or 7.56 million BTC have been lost or are inaccessible
thanks to human error. The remaining supply amounts to 13.44 million coins, and
the last of them will be mined by 2140. A $1 million per Bitcoin value would
then give the token a market cap of $13.44 trillion. Bitcoin (BTC)
would have to have a higher demand than it has today to gather this market cap

Inherent Perfect Demand Vs. Supply Aspects

Since it is
a deflationary asset, its purchasing power will increase in time. The token
supply also halves every four years which further enhances its supply vs.
demand ratios. With less Bitcoin (BTC) generated the scarcity will increase
making the coins more valuable. For this ratio to give Bitcoin a $1 million
value, the demand would, however, need to be so high, that it would displace
all other mainstream assets.

The 1.7 billion un-banked people of the world would need to access crypto trading. Luckily over 2/3 of the world’s population have access to an internet connection and a Smartphone, making mass access to Bitcoin a possibility. With the world’s GDP running on an internet-based currency, the token’s value would enlarge. Why?  The current state is that only 1 percent of the planet’s population; own 45 percent of its wealth.

Could Eventually Be Worth $10 Million Each

Investment Strategies, an asset management firm, would say that this outrageous
value is highly undervalued. According to this firm, future Bitcoin could be worth $10  million apiece. If the word turns to crypto
to solve the growing global debt problem, BTC could gain astronomical values.

As per their
report, the global debt percentage has “increased by 394 percent over the past 20 years, from $50 trillion to
$247 trillion, while total world wealth increased 133 percent over the same
period” (to $317 trillion).”
The firm says that since these trends
are no longer sustainable, soon there will be a demand for a solution.

Among the solutions floated, the firm believes a Bitcoin standard would be stellar because it “offers the greatest benefits with the least collateral damage to the least number of individuals, corporations, institutions, and countries. Most importantly, it would provide a permanent fix.”

As per this report, the value of Bitcoin as the global debt solution would balloon its cost
to at least 3,000 percent or $10 million, giving it a cap of $180 to $210
trillion.  They, however, note that these
values would be possible if the altcoins were cannibalized by Bitcoin, and
their value transferred to it.

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