With the evolution of cryptocurrencies, industries are moving their assets to digital form in the form of coins or tokens(called tokenization). They are using blockchain technology to achieve this tokenization.
Once the assets are transformed into tokens, it is very essential to list it on exchanges so to get more attention and thus fundraising for the projects which is very much important for development.
Now let’s see what are cryptocurrency exchanges and why do we need them?
Cryptocurrency exchanges create a kind of ecosystem of demand and supply. It is only the factor of demand and supply which determines the price of the particular coin or token. Also, tokenization of the asset will only create benefit when it can be bought or sold with other assets, which could be fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.
So, now almost everybody is excited about cryptocurrencies and want to have some for future benefits. This is creating a huge demand for cryptocurrency exchanges. In turn, due to the commission structure, exchanges are getting benefitted a lot. At the moment, there are hundreds of exchanges available in the market for the trading of cryptocurrencies.
At the other side, this is creating problems and becoming more challenging for users who want to trade cryptocurrency.
Not every project is getting listed on every exchange or not every exchange is listing every projects coin. This, in turn, it is getting more and more difficult if someone is holding multiple coins, tokens or assets. For each exchange, they have different apps, different platforms, for example, not every exchange is available on Android or iOS.
This then becomes the cause of high transaction fees. For example, if you have token “A” and token “B”, and both are tradable on different two exchanges. Then if you want to buy A selling B, you have to convert token B into a coin which is tradable of the exchange where A is tradable. So ultimately, transactions will be more and thus fees behind it.
I see a kind of impact due to this situation, on holding the coins and thus hampering the investment goals.
So, how to address this situation? How to minimize the transaction cost, how to trade multiple coins hassle free? What if we can trade all our assets with a single platform?
So many questions.
And here is the single answer to all these questions. Sigma by HydraX.
HydraX platform has been developed by a Singapore based team which is very enthusiastic and develops technology always with integrity and efficiency.
HydraX is built with the latest technology. This includes distributed ledger technology(blockchain technology)and also considered the experience in regulatory understanding.
HydraX has developed a trading platform called Sigma, which is multi-venue, i.e. multiple places(herein this case multiple exchanges we can say) and multi-asset trading platform. why multi-asset? because it supports tokens, stocks, forex, CFDs and more. 
So due to the integration of multiple exchanges with Sigma by HydraX platform and the ability to trade multiple assets, the trading experience is becoming really world class. Also as mentioned earlier about difficulty using different exchanges and transactional costs behind it, Sigma by HydraX is platform enables low operational costs due to the feature of synchronization and integration with other exchanges.
This platform is already having more than 11 partners associated and a huge user base of more than 9500 active members.

Sigma Trading Platform

So the features of this platform are:
1. Multi-Venue, Multi-Asset​
you can connect easily you own other exchanges accounts and trade multiple assets with it which is hassle-free.

2. Fully Customisable
your workspace is fully customizable for better trading experience.
3. Multi-featured:- why so? because with the single platform you will get multiple features like trading, transacting, transferring, digital assets and so on.
4. Portfolio management
5. Keep yourself updated:- you will get real-time news feeds which will help you to keep up to date with the market. and 
6. More security- Platform enables enhanced security features to avoid any breaches.
So isn’t this platform will make your trading experience world class?
Join now with Sigma by HydraX platform.

Website:- https://www.hydrax.io
Trading platform:- https://webtrader.hydrax.io/

BTT username:- Forexandcryptoauditor
Profile link:- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2438580

Sigma Account Email:- badvenilesh@gmail.com

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