Everyone must have an instinct that is never satisfied with something. Like the entrepreneurs who have been involved in the business world. Every day they certainly think to create an innovative ideas that can support the development of their business. Successful businessmen must have experienced a failure. Failure is a stage that cannot be avoided by entrepreneurs who start their business from scratch. But this risk can be minimized by implementing a number of existing business strategies.

At this time a cryptocurrency platform has been born that provides services in the form of business consultants that provide all kinds of facilities and infrastructure needed by every entrepreneur. This platform is Zrocor. Zrocor not only provides advice in the form of strategies that are usually used to increase business profitability, but also provides a number of strategies to support sustainable business development.

Zrocor is currently targeting its market to a number of entrepreneurs — micro entrepreneurs who are just starting businesses and also helping a number of micro-businesses that are already running, in order to realize stability. Stability is a condition that describes the resilience of a business in dealing with various types of risks that exist. This is evidenced by the company’s income which remains in a safe condition or does not experience a drastic decline. To realize stability, of course also the consistency of entrepreneurs is also needed. Just as Zrocor is always consistent in providing reliable business advice.

In addition to the strategy, Zrocor also serves as a forum to bring together micro entrepreneurs with a number of entrepreneurs who have high experience and flying hours of business. This proves that Zrocor is a cryptocurrency platform business consultant that is able to provide the most complete services. In this meeting it is expected that micro entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and experiences, so that later it will be a separate motivation.

In the early stages of development, Zrocor will provide advice on good management criteria to be applied. As a professional business consultant, of course Zrocor has compiled and sorted various business suggestions. So that later can be applied quickly. This can be done, because the previous teams have carried out various kinds of analysis regarding existing business problems. Coupled with the background of the founder, Eric Liboiron who has dealt with various business fields.

As a business consultant, Eric Liboiron also collaborated with Jeremy Harkness as the CTO of the Zrocor platform. Jeremy Harkness currently works as an independent advisor on various kinds of projects based on blockchain technology. As a blockchain technology advisor who is quite famous. He is involved in many platform development projects that use blockchain technology as the core of the operating system. He often gives a number of suggestions regarding business opportunities that can be run by several cryptocurrency projects.

It is not easy to give business advice, the consultant must first examine in detail what business concepts the entrepreneurs want to build. This is considered using certain components and methods. For example, such as the amount of initial capital prepared and the background experience of the entrepreneur. Of course this process is also supported by Jeremy Harkness’s experience and education background which is not far from blockchain technology and the world of business marketing.

The method of developing business with Lean management is one of Zrocor’s ways to improve and improve the quality of entrepreneurs. Where lean management is a method used to reduce waste in terms of productivity. For example, if there is an online fried banana businessman who has just started his business, it is highly recommended that the entrepreneur build his business in a location close to the market. Because the location near the market can save transportation costs. In addition, a busy market location is also very good for selling, if the entrepreneur also builds a physical shop.

Eric Liboiron’s decision to collaborate with Jeremy Harkness as the CTO of Zrocor, is a very right decision. Given that Eric Liboiron has experience in the field of business consulting and Jeremy Harkness in the field of blockchain technology. This combination has provided an example for entrepreneurs, that Zrocor was indeed designed with the best business management.


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