Buy BTC at a 50% discount for eligible users only!

A recurring event, each year on May the 22nd is BTC Pizza Day. This year, digital asset exchange Huobi Global decided to make this day extra special by organizing a unique event, where loyal Huobi users can purchase BTC at a discounted rate.

Check out Huobi Global’s recent Tweet to see how to participate in a chance to win one Bitcoin for the price it was nine years ago ($0.0031), when the pizza was purchased using BTC.

Bitcoin Pizza day

Almost nine years ago, specifically on the 22nd of May 2010, Lazlo Hanyecz paid a Bitcoin Talk forum member 10,000BTC for two pizza’s from Papa John’s. At that day 10,000BTC was worth approximately $25, as where it is worth a whopping $80 million. Ever since the Bitcoin price surged, May 22nd has been deemed Pizza Day as a recognition for the world’s most expensive pizza.

Huobi Prime

On March 26, Huobi Global introduced Huobi Prime, an exclusive Direct Premium Offering (DPO) platform for Huobi Global users to showcase high-quality blockchain projects.

TOP Network was the first project to launch on Huobi Prime. The first round of TOP Network’s TOP token sold out in a mere 7 seconds. Lucky investors were able to cash out and earn up to 5.5 times their initial investment when the token trading went live on Huobi Global. The second project, Newton, a decentralized infrastructure of protocol based economy, also sold out quickly and gave DPO buyers a high ROI if they sold their NEW tokens on Huobi Global.

After an extensive process of researching countless project’s and selecting the one with the best product, team, investors and overall potential, Reserve Protocol is chosen to become the third project to list on Huobi Prime. The launch of Reserve on Huobi Prime is set at May 22nd (GMT +8). watch this video about the Reserve project.

An overview of the terms to be able to participate in Huobi Prime 3, featuring Reserve Protocol can be found through this link.

Huobi Prime special Bitcoin edition

In the Huobi Global announcement channel, details are posted for the special Huobi Prime edition that features Bitcoin. The total Bitcoin allocation for the sale is $1.5 million, that is spread throughout two rounds, one of which is on a first come, first serve basis, while the other one is being executed through system matching. The first round has an 20% allocation and the second round consists of the remaining 80%. Both rounds will last for 10 minutes, 5 of which are dedicated to trading the other 5 are for clearing the trading orders. An important thing to note is that the first round offers a 50% discount, the second is for 12%.

If you would like to participate in the sale, you either have to have a minimum of 1000HT in your account, starting the 15th of May, running up to the 22nd, or you need to have the equivalent of 20,000USDT worth of USDT, BTC, TOP, NEW or TT in your account. The aforementioned tokens can be added together to get the required minimum amount of 20,000USDT. The 20,000USDT equivalent also needs to be the minimum account balance during the seven days prior to the event (15th of May until the 22nd of May). Follow our Huobi global twitter page to stay updated:

Concluding Remarks

To conclude this article, I believe these kind of promotions contribute to a more positive industry. Combining Huobi Prime, which usually generates a lot of attention and interest, with a special day, like Bitcoin Pizza day and making it into a fun and perhaps profitable event is creative and entertaining.

I mean, how often can you say you bought Bitcoin at a discount, lately.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my personal opinion about Huobi Prime. You should always do your own research #DYOR. Huobi Global incentivizes me for writing this article and encourages me to express my own opinions.
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