The global mining site is a big inventory, which country is bitcoin mining?

Concerned about the bitcoin mining miners, the performance of Bitcoin’s 4 minutes increase of 400 dollars last night did not know that everyone saw it? Although the power of Jun did not speculate, but yesterday I still witnessed the spectacular scene of Bitcoin rising by 13 points. This kind of carnival pull has not been seen for more than a year.

Of course, the market is getting higher and higher, and the happy one is the miners. After the test of the life and death of the profit and loss line at the beginning of the year, there was an 11-day rise in cheap electricity during the flood season. The bitcoin that was picked up last year and the cloud computing power of 400 yuan and 1T have now become smug investment experiences.

Tell an old paragraph: A few years later, a group of children in the village around you are already old-fashioned, you ask: Grandpa, grandfather, have you really seen 3,000 dollars in bitcoin? You smiled, of course, I bought it?

The market was very good. The consensus meeting was held last night. According to the iron law that will rise every time, the good news has not completely released the follow-up demand. Everyone is making money. The calculation is also very happy for everyone. I plan to bring my friends to go abroad to study and inspect the global digital currency mine to see which mine is strong.

Everyone sat down and we managed to take off. Our first stop was to take off. The first stop was Belarus.

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Listening to the name, I know that this is a hard-nosed country. If the power is not wrong, he still has a big brother called Russia. Although Belarus is not as embarrassing as his older brother, but also a high-profile mining player.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he would use the power of the nation to develop digital currency mining, saying that it would allow cryptocurrency mining to set up factories in the country. The key point is: Belarus provides nuclear power to the mine. According to the information presented, the nuclear power plant is currently under construction and is designed as two reactors with an installed capacity of 2,400 MW. The first phase of the project can be put into use this year.

The world’s hardest nuclear bitcoin mining is non-Belarus.

After visiting the Belarusian Force, you will fly directly to Georgia to discover the country known as the Asia-Europe Digital Currency Center.

When you come to Georgia for a visit, you don’t have to go to a bitcoin mine, let alone go to the wilderness of the wilderness. In the city, just look for a local fellow’s home to push the door in. Be careful to go to the door, don’t step on the mining machine in the yard.

Yes, mining in Bitcoin in Georgia is already a must-have for the family. With local cheap electricity, Georgian fellows have carefully calculated the use of digital currency mining machines to replace poultry and livestock such as chickens, ducks and geese, and mining has become a shortcut for the villagers to get rich.

Mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, and Zcash can be directly converted into French currency at local banks, making it easier for fellows to realize circulation.

The world’s most grounded bitcoin mining is non-Georgian.

After eating the dinner that the Georgian fellows had a warm welcome, the counting power continued to depart. This time, I will go to Iran to see how religion and technology can live in harmony in this country.

As soon as we got off the plane, we went straight to the RHY mine, which is known as the world’s largest mine. In the first phase of the project, the calculation force saw that 300,000 units of the mining machine were running in the buzz, and the scientific and full-featured green indicator light flashed regularly under the night, illuminating most of the silent night sky.

The colored steel sheds are not visible to the side, and the poles that stand in the forest extend far into the distance. The attitude of this troubled country to digital mining from prohibition to cooperation is accompanied by increasingly severe changes in the situation.

Here, the natural gas is rich and overflowing, and the electricity price can be as cheap as a few cents. After methane is burned, only oxygen and water are produced and there is no pollution to the atmosphere.

The world’s most environmentally friendly digital mining belongs to the country where this green star and moon flag flies.

The power of the Jun is set off at night, the next stop is Iceland, a country that sounds crystal clear, and it is also the closest country to the Arctic Circle.

The average temperature in the four quarters is around zero, and the maximum temperature in summer is no more than 15 degrees. It is hailed by the New York Times as the most suitable area for mining in the world. The miner works 24 hours a day, and the biggest problem is how to cool the machine.

Building the mine in Iceland is equivalent to putting the bitcoin mining machine into the refrigerator, and the most headaches are solved. According to reports, the data centers of many Internet giants in the world are located in Iceland, and the technology mines are blessed. The digital mines are also protected by strict security measures.

According to the New York Times article “Into the Bitcoin Mines”, the windows here are bullet-proof glass, and the security guards are loaded with live ammunition. Visitors need to pass five security doors to get indoors.

At present, Iceland should be the world’s coldest digital mine, not only the temperature but also the style.

The group members, the calculation power Jun will end the tour of the global mine, and return to China.

The plane across the Pacific Ocean, we will see a peninsula country with a particularly large difference between north and south in the night, there is also a world-renowned bitcoin mine.

This country in the dark has no oil, and electricity cannot be guaranteed even with national lighting. But they have a special way to exploit Bitcoin, which is to turn someone else’s bitcoin into their own. In the future, I will have the opportunity to count on my friends and talk to my friends!


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